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Version 3.4
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She knew who she was

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It wasn't supposed to be like that
The breaking of the Batgirl

The bus - Revised (groped, reluctant, non-consensual, masturbation, violent sex, anal)

If you asked her the first time a man had touched her on the bus, riding around the city, she wouldn’t have been able to tell you. The first touches had been so long ago, perhaps on a city bus, perhaps on one painted yellow. She wasn’t sure. She just knew it was a constant. She always pretended to hate it and perhaps even did in the beginning. Strange peers and men, all taking without asking, touching without permission. She wasn’t even that pretty, not really. Not ugly by any means, not a butter-face as some might say. Just plain, unassuming, wearing little if any makeup and no clothing begging for attention to be drawn to her.

She didn’t even really date or go out. She kept to herself and as she moved into her small apartment, the only other thing in her life was her cat to keep her company as she watched TV or slept. Other than that, the only other constant in her life was her work. A boring job at a boring department store that took a boring 45-minute bus ride to arrive and often closer to an hour to get back from. She was gray personified in a world of color, a shadow, just background noise that no one noticed or cared about.

Except, that is, for the occasional man on the bus. Despite her claims of hating it, of the unwanted attention, her legs would part as a man saw the empty space beside her, just a bit. If he could have smelled her in the dirty bus, he would have detected that tell-tell scent of wetness. But her eyes, meek and downcast, were what drew most of them in. They knew her type, the quiet ones who don’t talk, the ones that are either freaks or let you do freaky things to them, never objecting. Not enough to matter anyway. Their “no’s” were always more a suggestion than an order, easily discarded and ignored. And thus, some would sit beside her.

Almost none of them talked to her, not really. A few barked orders quietly, and a few just grabbed. They saw the parted legs and their rough fingers would explore, smiling at the soft whimpers and slick hole. Biting her lip as they thrust their fingers into her, often hurting her. Dirty hands, too long of fingernails, too rough, it didn’t matter. She never said no, though occasionally a tear or two would slide down her face, often right before she would shudder, shaking. Some would taste her on their fingers, some would make her taste herself, or smear her juices on her face or clothes. All the while, smiling.

A smaller amount, on quiet days usually in the mornings, would try other things. Pinching her breasts, fondling her, all for their enjoyment. Many of the strangers would unzip themselves, pulling out their cocks, so hot in her hand as they wrapped her fingers around their members. Usually, she’d make them pump her hand up and down though sometimes she did it herself. Slow, fast, alternating, always rewarded with a sticky ball of heat in the palm of her hand. A present to be licked off as they got off at the next exit, not even thanking her. Those were the best days.

Then, one day, she didn’t reach work. A man heading home from the third shift sat beside her. His eyes scared her, looking through her as he sat next to her. Only a few people rode the bus that morning as he stroked her hair, then shoved her face against the window. She whimpered, crying softly, as he pulled her back. He grinned as her cheek turned red, pawing and inspecting her. She was a deer in his headlights and did nothing as he pulled her off the bus at the next exit. Shockingly, she had never done this before with any of the strangers. Just dirty little transactions on the bus. She’d never left the safety there. The man never talked to her. Oh, he called her names and shouted at her, but he never talked to her. To him, she wasn’t human. To him, she was a punching bag.

She’d had sex before, felt pain, the aggressive thrusting of a man over her, but never anything like this. He didn’t want to fuck her so much as hurt her and he did. Slaps and shoves and chokes at first, then she found herself on the floor, the room spinning, unable to think clearly. He all but strangled her as he rammed into her, black always on the edge of her vision, creeping in, eyes fluttering. But he never let her fade out, making her feel every moment. He took her anal virginity, covering her mouth as she finally screamed in agony as he tore at her guts. When he was done, he kicked her out, white and red leaking from her, a black eye and concussion, with bruises galore. Somehow she made it home, called into work, and told them she got mugged. It was a believable enough story looking at her.

When she finally returned to work, riding the bus, she looked for that man. She honestly didn’t know if she wanted him to appear or never see him again. She had dark and violent wet dreams of him taking her from the bus, disappearing her from the outside world. She wondered as she woke, soaked, would anyone even care or report her missing? She doubted it. She didn’t know what she wanted, but when another man sat down beside her, she parted her legs for him. Her routine began again, her normality returning. She wondered who would touch her next, telling herself she hated it, even as she craved and waited for the next to sit beside her and add color to her world. Perhaps she’d get off on the exit with the next man and see where that would lead. The bus was her journey, but she knew it would never be her destination.

So, the next time a stranger left a wet gift in her hand, she licked it and followed him off the bus to see where it would lead her. Her world perhaps becoming darker, but a little less gray.

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A stupid bet - Revised (blackmail, M+/F, anal, drugged, reluctant, oral)

It was just supposed to be a stupid dare. With her new fake ID, she said it could get her in anywhere. Of course, there was always an asshole about, some jerk who had to challenge any claim you made. In her case, that asshole was Steve. He called bullshit on her and wanted proof. She had expected him to ask her to buy some alcohol or go into a bar, but for some reason, likely perverted, he had challenged her to go to a nearby adult theater and buy something. She was grossed out by the idea, but everyone at the lunch table had latched onto the challenge and she would have to provide a receipt for proof.

So that was how Sydney, 18, found herself outside “Handy’s” on a Friday night, biting her lower lip anxiously. She wished she had dressed super conservatively, but it was well into summer and she was going to the movies with some friends after. So, here she was, a leggy dirty blonde, wearing a modest summer dress, trying to gather the courage to go inside. A car drove by and that was the push she needed. She hadn’t parked in the back, something she now regretted. Instead, she pushed the black glass door and went inside.

The first thing that hit her, besides the mountain of porn, was the smell. There was a sour, sweaty stink to the entire place that she couldn’t place, and it reeked of cigarette smoke. Wall upon wall of sex toys lined the back, but what drew her attention the most was the center racks. Hundreds of porn DVDs made her want to laugh, wondering if anyone even bought those. Did they not know that shit was free on the internet?

She entered and walked inside, noticing a long hallway to her right just past some bathrooms she had no intention of using. A sign saying Booths pointed to the right and Theaters to the left. She shook her head nervously, again wondering why anyone would pay for this stuff. The toys at least she understood. She walked towards the back where a man sat behind a counter with dozens of old-style TVs playing behind him. Some showed porn, some showed the booth hallways and theaters she guessed.

“Excuse me miss, mind if I see your ID?” he asked. She immediately blushed, flustered as she went through her purse, her heart suddenly racing.

“Oh…um….ok..uh yeah, right, ID, right, yes sir,” she stammered, pulling out her real ID, before realizing her mistake and then switching it with her fake one. “Ummm, here you go. No problem I hope,” she said, wishing she could shut up.

“No, no. Just have to double-check or I can get in trouble,” he said, smiling as he handed it back to her. “Thank you, miss”. She nodded and backed away from him, heart racing. Besides the man behind the counter, there were only two other men in the room. Both were way older, which probably explained them not understanding technology. Their leers were disgusting but at least they were open about it. She always found that easier to deal with than the subtle ones who watched but pretended they didn't.

She ignored them, and the small chime from someone entering as she looked at a couple vibrators. If she was going to get proof, at least she could get something she’d enjoy. She’d probably get teased about it, but she could generally give as good as she got. A quip about how a toy would never disappoint her would generally shut up most guys, she figured. She picked out a cheaper one, hoping that it too wouldn’t disappoint, when a hand touched her shoulder.

“Sydney? Sydney Allgeier?” a voice asked, and her heart jumped, recognizing it before she turned around, pale white. Right there, hand on her, was her neighbor Bill. He was married to one of her mom’s best friends and she’d known him her entire life. And now… she wanted to bolt so bad.

“Sydney, what are you doing here,” Bill asked. But he smiled when he asked it and she was frozen in place, too panicked to respond. That seemed to encourage Bill, who slid his hand down her back and pulled her close until his hand was resting on the top of her ass and his mouth was inches from her ear.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom unless you give me a reason to,” he said as he grasped her ass and pulled her close. She barely whimpered his name, looking up at him.

“Bill, please…,” was all she said, as he groped her ass and held her chin.

“What? We both know why you are here. Dirty little bitch needing toys? What happened to your boyfriend you fucked in the backyard last month?” he asked. She looked at him in shock, as he slid his hand to her neck and squeezed the back of it firmly. “How about we have a little conversation, little girl,” he asked, though it was clearly a demand. Sydney found herself completely frozen up in shock as he put up the vibrator and led her to what she thought was outside.

Sydney was in shock as he directed her. She half expected him to take her outside to yell at her, but they suddenly pivoted and headed down the dark hallway. She stopped and looked at her neighbor, who’d always been so nice, still struggling to process the past couple of minutes. He simply squeezed her neck harder, forced a pill in her mouth, pushed her forward to the middle booth along a wall, and shoved her inside. There was barely room for one person in it, much less two. There was only a stool, an old CRT TV showing static, and two rough-hewn holes on each side. She’d heard of them, gloryholes, but had never seen one or even thought they were a real thing. It stunk in there and she felt so trapped that she started to cry a bit.

“Listen,” Bill said, stroking her hair. “This doesn’t have to be bad. I’m not asking for much, you’re just going to be nice to me for a few minutes and I’m going to be nice back and forget I ever saw you here. Ok?” he said as he inserted some money into the booth as porn popped up on the screen. Sydney just froze up, half staring at him, half at the woman getting face fucked on the TV.

“Please,” she said, before jerking hard from a sudden slap from her neighbor. That made her cry more as he gripped her hair and pulled her down.

“No, no fucking please. Be nice or I’ll be fucking mean you whore!” With that, she was shoved down and he pawed painfully at her chest, before slapping her several times. “The dress, out of it.” She was crying hard now but did as he said, scared. She pulled it over her head and he tossed it on the floor. He tore off her bra and spun her around, pressing her face into the corner of the booth, hard against the wall as he groped her ass, jerked her thong to the side, and his finger pressed hard against her asshole.

“Puh….please….I’ll…I’ll be good,” was all she could muster, barely a whisper, and the pressure relented. He turned her towards him, playing with her nipples, before mashing her tits in his hand.

“Try anything, and you’ll fucking regret it. I know what you are, understand?” he said, and she nodded. He then pushed her head down and she looked up at him as he stroked his cock. “Open wide,” was all he said as he grabbed her hair and pushed it in her mouth. As soon as his cock was in, he began thrusting. She’d sucked cock before, but never like this. He fucked her mouth, gagging her, making her drool badly. Then suddenly, she got sick and puked a bit, but he never slowed down. Finally, after a couple minutes, she felt him stiffen and blow his load down her throat which almost made her sick again. He shoved her back and zipped up. As she tried to get back to standing a flash blinded her.

“Just proof of what you are. Don’t worry, it’ll stay in my collection as long as you behave, understand?” She nodded as a cock was poked through one of the gloryholes. He held up the camera and told her to suck it, and though she was crying, she did as told. The guy on the other side tasted horrible and didn’t last long. He pulled back after he came and she heard a door open and shut.

“I have an idea. Stand up. Face the wall. Now.” He said and she did. Her legs ached, her stomach was upset, and she whimpered as a cold wetness was pressed against her ass as he forced a finger in.

“I’ll delete my photos and video if you let someone fuck your ass through the glory hole. I’ll delete it so you can see it's gone. And don’t worry, they won’t see you. Ok?”

She should have said no, she should have screamed, but she was so tired and scared that she only nodded. She’d never done anything with her butt, but she’d seen videos and they didn’t seem too horrible. He fingered her ass for a couple minutes and then told her to spread her cheeks and lean against the wall. He pulled out a $100 bill and put it in her purse as well. She was about to ask him about it when she felt someone push against her. Then she did yell, but he covered her mouth and held her in place. Even with his hand, he had to turn up the sound of the porn to drown her out.

Hurt was an inadequate word. Her ass felt like it was on fire as the man pushed again and again. If not for Bill holding her, he would have failed, but after several thrusts, the head popped in. She hoped the pill she'd swallowed would take her away or dull the pain. It did neither. It only made her spacey as some stranger raped her ass. He didn’t last long before dumping a load in her ass and pulling out. It hurt to move as Bill spun her about and shoved her against the other wall. She cried "no" as another man in the opposite booth did the same, thrusting at her ass until he got in. He lasted much longer and only after several minutes did he empty herself in her guts. After he pulled out, Bill let her drop as she balled up on the cum stained floor.

He took more than a dozen pictures and spread her bleeding ass to take closeups of it. Then he pulled her limp and drugged body over the stool and thrust into her cunt, fucking it. She was too spaced out to do anything, just grunting as he pumped into her again and again. Before long, he had filled her with his seed. He hoped she wasn’t on birth control. Then, leaving her there leaking, he went through her purse and pulled out a tampon. She laid on the stool, crying softly, as he wiped her messy ass and cunt and inserted the tampon in her ass. Then he helped her dress, her eyes glassy, as he took her to his car. He took her phone, saw the messages from her friends, and texted them, telling them that she wasn’t feeling good.

“You’re ruined now, Sydney. No one will ever want someone like you. But I’ll take care of you. Let’s go to a motel and I can be nice to you. Otherwise, we’ll go back in and I’ll leave you in the fucking theater. Your choice.”

Sydney could barely focus on anything, her legs ached, her ass burned, and she felt as ruined as he said. So she barely whispered to the man who was once her nice neighbor.

“The motel. I… I’ll be good.”

Bill smiled, and Sydney was indeed very good. But Bill was not. He never was, as Sydney would learn. But that is another story.

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