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She knew who she was

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It wasn't supposed to be like that
The breaking of the Batgirl

The belly doesn't lie

(M+/F, gang rape, drugged, anal, piss play, incest, pregnant)

She rubbed her belly slowly, chewing her lip. She wouldn't be able to hide it much longer or just wave it off as the Covid 20 so many have gained. No, that story wouldn't be bought by anyone in another month. They would know. Everyone would know. And then the questions would start.

"How did this happen? Who is the father? Why didn't you practice safe sex? How could you do this to your family? Don't you have any self-respect? " they would all ask.

And she didn't know how to answer any of that. Not fully anyway.

How? She went to a concert. Who? She had no idea. Why? Because she didn't remember it. That night was a blur. She remembered drinking a beer. Her first. She remembered chatting and flirting with someone. She remembered feeling weak, being helped towards the restrooms. Then nothing.

No, nothing wasn't quite true. She had glimmers, brief flashes. Strangers over her, grunting. Each one was different. And then, blackness. Then it was morning. She was cold, almost freezing, in a porta-potty. Her purse and money were gone. Her clothes reeked of smoke, beer, and piss. Her thighs were bruised, her pussy stained with dried cum. Even her ass hurt. She threw up, stumbled out, and hitched a ride home. And cried. She didn't tell anyone, just tried to forget, until she missed her period. Until her belly started to grow. A surprise gift, her life was ruined.

And when she didn't think it could get worse, a package was sent to her. It contained an SD card along with her thong, soiled. She checked to see what was on the card. Pictures. Of that night. She watched the video. One guy after another, men talking turns with her mostly limp body. She wasn't a person to any of them. A set of holes to use in the bathroom stall. Once, the cameraman filmed himself taking a turn, filling her with white. None of them used a condom. Then someone dragged her, camera shaking, to a porta-potty. They jerked her around, positioned her painfully, peed on her, then spat on her ass. They pushed in her rear, soft moans escaping her mouth, whimpers, coupled with the cameraman's grunts. He filled her ass. Then the camera zoomed out as they leaned in, kissing her tits, kissing her. Smiling.

It was her uncle. He had taken her, dropped her off, and told her to call if she needed a ride back. He had been there and filmed the whole thing. He had given her a soda on the drive there. It hadn't been the beer, it had been him. She rubbed her belly, wondering if that was his too? It could have been over a dozen men's.

Later, her parents asked her to come down. Her uncle was there. He had noticed, and once he brought it up, they had noticed too. Was she pregnant? She nodded, in shock. There were screams and frustrations, but her uncle was the voice of reason. Summer had started, so she could stay with him for a bit while they decided what should be done. No scandal was needed. Just visit him at his Florida home and then it could be put up for adoption. No one else needed to know. It would be for the best, they all agreed. She didn't say anything. Everyone was disappointed in her but thanked God for her uncle's wisdom.

Thank God for him, they said. She numbly got in the car with him, waving goodbye to her parents and her home. They drove off in silence until he started rubbing her belly.

"Such a good girl, not saying a thing," he said, smiling. "Now we can make so many movies while we find out if someone's the father or not. You're going to be so popular with my friends, you'll never want to go home."

Then he pushed her head down as they drove to her new home, her new life, her new reality. And he was right. His friends did love her, every day of the week.

Forever gone - Revised

(Slave, dehumanized, sexual abuse, mental abuse, pregnant)

She trembled as his finger trailed along her cheek. His touch was soft, gentle, and warm. It was also a threat. An assertion of control. He was only polite because it suited him, she knew. The second she got out of line and said the wrong word, he'd make her scream again.

And the worst was that she knew she was wet. Knew he could smell her. It has taken time, but he had made a cunt of her. He had wrested all control of her body from her first. He had made her cry, cum, sob, and beg for more. And then, he had started on her mind. That had taken longer. He took her name from her. Her hair. Her clothes. Her home.

And now, as soon as the basement door opened, like Pavlov's dogs her cunt grew soaked. He stroked the short buzz of hair he'd given her back. Like the t-shirts he let her wear. The breasts were still cut out, of course. Dignity would never be returned to her.

And yet, despite taking everything from her, erasing her from the world, she needed him. Not just for food and drink. Not even for loneliness. No, on some level she knew if she was returned to the world she would go insane. He actually threatened her with it once. Opened the door, pushed her out, and told her to leave. Instead, she pleaded with him to let her eat his ass, be his urinal. To hit her. Anything but that.

His fingers slid along her mouth. She sucked his thumb as his other hand rubbed her belly. Swollen and beautiful, she was ready to give him yet another part of herself. After all, why wouldn't she do that? She loved him now. Her captor. The father of her child. Her rapist. Her father. Her 18th birthday gift was to be forever lost, to learn the depths of his cruelty. Her entire world just ten feet by ten. Home.

Groomed to be good - Revised (M/F, grooming, drugged, masturbation, oral, first, pregnant)

Sammie smiled and waved at her neighbor, David. Her mom was gone again, working multiple shifts, leaving her alone once again. She hated her new home and high school. The city, all of it. She missed her old friends and her old soft bed. But all of that was gone with the move. It wasn’t fair. She had been happy and wanted to finish her last year of school with her friends. Now, she had nothing. That wasn’t true, exactly. She didn’t hate David. He was always nice to her, ruffling her hair, and giving her snacks. He once had even let her have a beer while he was resting in his hammock in the backyard that butted against theirs. She wasn’t a drinker and her face had made him laugh, but she had beamed when he treated her like a woman.

Her mom never treated her like one. She was 18, yet all she did was text and call her constantly to make sure she hadn’t been murdered or something. It was stupid. There was nowhere to go, no kids nearby, no car, and with school out, all she could do was play on her phone or take a short walk. That’s how she had started chatting with David. He had been mowing his yard and waved hi and she had introduced herself to him. He always had a big smile and his eyes were always on her. Normally that would have creeped her out, but here all alone, it made her feel special. The attention was nice. After that, if she saw him outside she would say hi for a bit before heading in.

After a while, he started giving her snacks or fixing her some burgers when she was alone. He even offered to pay her for helping with his yard work and would help her with hers. Mom had seemed standoffish at first, but after having some wine out back one night, they seemed to hit it off. She had his number now in case of emergency as well. She wondered if he had any today and went over. His smile was as big as always. He fixed her some burgers and asked her if she wanted a beer. She did, grimacing as she drank it, which made him laugh even more. He rested his hand on her shoulder, rubbing it softly.

“Sammie, do you want to come inside for a bit and get out of the heat?” David asked. She smiled and happily followed him in. He got two more beers and told her it would be their little secret. He got her some snacks as the young woman sipped the beer before setting it on the coffee table. He sat next to her and turned on some tv, watching her eat, occasionally sipping his beer. She felt his hand leave her shoulder, sliding along her back as Peter Griffin goofed around on the screen. His fingers kneaded her back and it felt strangely good. And his smile, she loved his smile. When Lois erupted in anger, they laughed and he hugged her close. And then, he sent her home, feeling a bit funny but truly happy for the first time there.

It became their secret routine as she spent more and more time with him, outside or in his house. She even sometimes had dinner with him and he always let her have some beer. The couch wasn’t in the living room one day, just his recliner. It was being cleaned he told her, so he sat her on his lap. She felt nervous as she sat there on his warm lap, her stomach twisted in knots. His hand slowly rubbed her belly, slipping under her shirt as they watched tv. She felt funny, a bit dizzy, as he rubbed her back and belly. Then he touched her chest, making her stomach do flips. She said she felt weird but he just had her drink more. Then his hands rubbed along her legs as he told her how beautiful and special she was. So mature for such a young lady. He massaged her thighs, stroking them, his hands sliding up higher. Somehow, her shorts were unzipped and his hand was rubbing her through her panties. She wiggled, resisting, but he kissed her ear and told her to relax. She tried as her body grew warm despite how fuzzy she felt, her breathing erratic, trembling, and then, it was like she was being electrocuted as she convulsed and clung to him. He kissed her then and told her he loved her. She kissed him back clumsily, telling him the same.

After that, the visits sometimes left her fuzzy, sometimes not. David often had clothes for her to try on, bought her things, and told her they had a secret forbidden love. And love him she did. When he asked her to wear the lacy bras and panties and took her pictures, she felt wonderful. His eyes were all on her as they played dress-up. He taught her new ways to wear makeup, to walk in 8-inch platform heels, and they always finished with lap time. He taught her how to kiss like a woman, and later, how to kiss and worship his cock. It felt strange at first, her eyes on him as she worked at it, but he taught her how to move her hands, smiling at him as she stroked his huge cock. He filmed her, a big grin on his face as his cock spurted, her licking it as he told her she was the best girl in the world.

He taught her how to smoke, sometimes taking pictures of her doing that or drinking, then in outfits that didn’t cover anything. He made her cunt tingle (he didn’t let her call it pussy) and even pushed his finger in her ass. He even kissed it, and that she enjoyed but felt weirdly shameful as he pressed his tongue inside her, but then he kissed her cunt and she didn’t care anymore. They would lay naked beside each other, her slender hand going up and down over his hardness as his fingers parted her slim wet fold. He rolled over, asking her if she wanted to truly be a woman. Though 18, he made her feel twice that. She nodded. He got some cool jelly and smeared it against her sex as he slid his fingers inside her. Then he laid her down, kissing her.

“This will hurt some baby girl, but this is so special. Only between us, understand?”

She nodded, grunting as he pushed against her. It felt good and then he slid in and she screamed in sudden pain. He went slow, pushing back and forth, rubbing her clit as he kissed her. It still hurt, but slowly felt better despite the pain. He sped up and then it hurt badly again and this time he didn’t stop until she knew he had spurted. She wiped her tears, under him, looking up at him.

“Do you think I’m pregnant?” she asked him. He laughed and told her no. Then he rubbed her belly.

“Do you want to be?” he asked. She shrugged and just whispered softly that she loved him. He told her to show it then and pulled out. There was blood that scared her, but he told her not to worry as he held her head and guided it down. She cleaned him off, wiping her lips, the look on her eyes desperate for validation. He smiled again, telling her she was so mature. She was truly a woman now, she thought. She was his woman.

When he asked her to disappear one day in the middle of summer, to go away with him, she had nodded. There was a news report about her missing looking for them, but no one noticed the couple in Montana living in a rustic cabin in the country. They both had different hair colors, her hair was short and red, and they kept to themselves. A year later, someone remarked how the young lady seemed to have gained some weight, though they didn’t realize the truth. That the young woman, now 19, was pregnant. Back at their home, she rubbed her growing belly. She hoped it was a girl. That would make David so happy. They were finally starting their family. David came in and she kissed him, wearing only her panties. He smelled of sweat and she knelt down, her pregnant belly on her knees as she eagerly gagged herself on his cock, her drool dripping down her growing breasts and belly. Then he pushed her down on all fours, fucking her from behind as she grunted and pinched her clit. On the TV played a video of a slut ganged by multiple men. As the whore moaned, the young lady spasmed and came on his cock. He spurted in her and she cleaned him up, then lowered her head to lick what she had dripped onto the floor.

He took pictures of her doing that, spreading her folds to show the cum leaking out, to upload later. Then, he sat her on his lap as they finished watching the video, feeling the baby kick a few times. They kissed and touched each other, loving each other, waiting for their next journey to begin. Together.

Picked up - Revised (prostitution, pregnant, masturbation, slapped, forced anal, oral, choking, piss drinking)

She chewed her bottom lip, cherry red, as the stranger rubbed her swollen belly. He stared intensely at her chest and below, not caring for anything above her shoulders. Her crop top covered none of her belly and barely contained the top 75% of her chest, which had grown almost as much as her stomach. She smiled at him, her look as vapid and empty as she needed to feel. The stranger spat some tobacco on the bar floor, looking at her tits as he talked.

“Do you even know who the daddy is?” he asked rudely. She started to answer until the glare in his eye told her to stay quiet. “Nah, dumb cunts like you never know, do you?” She shrugged, which bought her a slap to the face. Not hard, but it got her attention.

“I asked you a question, you stupid bitch,” he said. She rubbed her cheek and lied, telling him she didn’t know. That made him smile as he rubbed her thigh at the bar, sliding his hand up her leg. When she put her knees together, his dirty nails dug into her soft skin until she parted them. He didn’t care if people watched or saw, not that anyone was really watching them. It was late and most were drunk or just didn’t care.

“Uhnnn,” she moaned softly as he found her cunt, wet and pantyless, under her too-short skirt. His finger slid easily in her, shoved to the hilt. He pulled his finger out and tasted it.

“You clean?” he asked, then waved his hand. “You’d just fucking lie about it. The only things whores can be counted on is to bend over and lie.” He pulled out a $50 and handed it to her, then grabbed a beer and her arm. “That’s all you’re getting, besides a real man that is.” She didn’t bother to tell him she wasn’t a whore. He wouldn’t believe it and she was probably close enough. She followed him to his car and got in, wondering if this was safe. She wasn’t just endangering herself, but the baby. But she had needs and cravings, and she was an addict to them. Helpless. And he looked so much like her father.

As they drove, he pushed up her top and pawed at her chest, rubbed her belly, and told her to part her legs, fingering her. She unzipped him, stroking him slowly, not wanting him to cum. A few times he randomly slapped her, violence in his eyes. He didn’t see her, he saw meat, he saw every woman who ever hurt him. A tear ran down her cheek when he said she could call him Daddy. Whores always had daddy issues. She called him that and grew wetter and sucked on his slick finger when he shoved it in her mouth.

Eventually, they arrived at the trailer park, and nostalgia and fucked up emotions swirled through her. She straightened up before getting out, but he didn’t even zip up, just walked in and expected her to follow. Like a broken dog, she did, heeling behind him. The trailer was a wreck, reeking of beer and tobacco. It smelled like home. She didn’t even see the backhand coming, barely standing after he hit her.

“You’re fucking pathetic,” he taunted her. “All you whores are. Is this how you make daddy proud?”

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered as she walked over and stroked him again. Her lip hurt and tasted of copper. But her mind was elsewhere, reliving cruel and intimate memories. She kissed him hungrily and moaned as he bit her lip and thrust his tongue down her mouth. If she had proper standards, the lingering taste of chew in his mouth would have disgusted her, but she didn’t care, even preferred it. The stink, the smells, the texture of his beard.

He jerked her arm painfully and she stumbled behind him as he dragged her to the bedroom. He tore off her crop top, then stripped himself as she sat and pulled off her skirt. He wrapped his hand in her hair and shoved her head down on his cock. His cock was average but thick with a fat head, jerking her head up and down on it. She tried to suck him and fondle his balls, but the way he shoved her head up and down gave her little control. He had the stink of a hard-drinking and working blue-collar man, but one that bathed too rarely. He tasted delicious. When he let go of her hair, she was dizzy, more vacant than usual, drunk on him. He shoved her back and she rolled over clumsily, on all fours, her belly in the way otherwise. He palmed her hair again, slammed into her cunt, and fucked her. She moaned and grunted, screaming and calling him Daddy again and again. He slapped at her some and called her names, both getting what they wanted in that moment. She came before he did surprisingly, bearing down and spasming on his cock. Then he filled her, laughing at the fact he didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant. He shoved her down and rolled on his side, quickly falling asleep. She tried to cuddle him but he shoved her away and turned his back to her. She did the same, finally falling asleep not long after, seed spilling from between her legs.

Strange vivid dreams mixed with memories gave her a restless sleep until she felt the stranger spoon against her. Soon, she felt the familiar grinding and she helped him along, feeling him grow. She tried to adjust herself but he held her tight, spitting on his hand. Then she felt him probe, pressing his wet fingers against her ass.

“Please, no. That always hurts bad, please AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she screamed. He shoved her head into the pillow to quiet her, pressing down hard as he shoved in her. The pain was as bad as she remembered. Nothing gentle, it was never gentle there. Only a few men had used her ass and none had ever lubed her properly or took their time. The stranger was no different. She sobbed as he slammed into her ass, thrusting as much as to hurt her as to make him feel good. He jerked her head back and told her all whores loved this as he ignored her sobs and grunts. She felt like he was tearing her insides apart, lubed only by a bit of saliva.

He yanked her up on her knees, thrusting away, shoving her head down hard every time she got too loud, fingers around her neck choking her more and more. His fingers tightened around her neck as she panicked, trying to beg him to stop. Her sounds only encouraged him more and by the time he had cummed deep in her guts, she could barely think or focus. His grip disappeared and she wheezed, her head hurt, as sparks danced before her eyes. She felt her head move and then tasted his cock. She thought about pulling back but any fight in her was gone. She was exhausted, her cheeks wet with tears, her mouth foul. Then a different foulness filled her mouth as he shoved in deep, her nose flaring, as she swallowed to keep from drowning in his piss.

Done, he shoved her out, of bed, told her to call an Uber, and tossed another fifty at her. She looked at it sadly, then took it, dressing and calling for a ride. She lit a cigarette as she waited outside in the cool air for her ride, hoping it would take some of the taste in her mouth away. The driver gave her a disapproving look, because of her dress, the smoking, or both, before he turned away. He drove her back in silence, every bump causing her ass to tense. She got out and tipped the man, heading back into her apartment.

She headed to her room and thought about brushing her teeth and showering, but she decided not yet. She got her vibrator and savored the smells that lingered in her mouth and her clothes, cumming once more to the memories induced by that night. She hurt, she cried, she came hard, and for a moment, felt quiet in her head. Felt right. She fell asleep that way, holding her top, the smell of dirty bars and trailers on it, safe in her fucked up memories, wet, and ready for tomorrow.

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