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She knew who she was

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It wasn't supposed to be like that
The breaking of the Batgirl

The belly doesn't lie

(M+/F, gang rape, drugged, anal, piss play, incest, pregnant)

She rubbed her belly slowly, chewing her lip. She wouldn't be able to hide it much longer or just wave it off as the Covid 20 so many have gained. No, that story wouldn't be bought by anyone in another month. They would know. Everyone would know. And then the questions would start.

"How did this happen? Who is the father? Why didn't you practice safe sex? How could you do this to your family? Don't you have any self-respect? " they would all ask.

And she didn't know how to answer any of that. Not fully anyway.

How? She went to a concert. Who? She had no idea. Why? Because she didn't remember it. That night was a blur. She remembered drinking a beer. Her first. She remembered chatting and flirting with someone. She remembered feeling weak, being helped towards the restrooms. Then nothing.

No, nothing wasn't quite true. She had glimmers, brief flashes. Strangers over her, grunting. Each one was different. And then, blackness. Then it was morning. She was cold, almost freezing, in a porta-potty. Her purse and money were gone. Her clothes reeked of smoke, beer, and piss. Her thighs were bruised, her pussy stained with dried cum. Even her ass hurt. She threw up, stumbled out, and hitched a ride home. And cried. She didn't tell anyone, just tried to forget, until she missed her period. Until her belly started to grow. A surprise gift, her life was ruined.

And when she didn't think it could get worse, a package was sent to her. It contained an SD card along with her thong, soiled. She checked to see what was on the card. Pictures. Of that night. She watched the video. One guy after another, men talking turns with her mostly limp body. She wasn't a person to any of them. A set of holes to use in the bathroom stall. Once, the cameraman filmed himself taking a turn, filling her with white. None of them used a condom. Then someone dragged her, camera shaking, to a porta-potty. They jerked her around, positioned her painfully, peed on her, then spat on her ass. They pushed in her rear, soft moans escaping her mouth, whimpers, coupled with the cameraman's grunts. He filled her ass. Then the camera zoomed out as they leaned in, kissing her tits, kissing her. Smiling.

It was her uncle. He had taken her, dropped her off, and told her to call if she needed a ride back. He had been there and filmed the whole thing. He had given her a soda on the drive there. It hadn't been the beer, it had been him. She rubbed her belly, wondering if that was his too? It could have been over a dozen men's.

Later, her parents asked her to come down. Her uncle was there. He had noticed, and once he brought it up, they had noticed too. Was she pregnant? She nodded, in shock. There were screams and frustrations, but her uncle was the voice of reason. Summer had started, so she could stay with him for a bit while they decided what should be done. No scandal was needed. Just visit him at his Florida home and then it could be put up for adoption. No one else needed to know. It would be for the best, they all agreed. She didn't say anything. Everyone was disappointed in her but thanked God for her uncle's wisdom.

Thank God for him, they said. She numbly got in the car with him, waving goodbye to her parents and her home. They drove off in silence until he started rubbing her belly.

"Such a good girl, not saying a thing," he said, smiling. "Now we can make so many movies while we find out if someone's the father or not. You're going to be so popular with my friends, you'll never want to go home."

Then he pushed her head down as they drove to her new home, her new life, her new reality. And he was right. His friends did love her, every day of the week.

A gift for Angela

(M+/F, gang rape, anal, oral, little, piss play, drugged, DDlg, impact play, choking, kidnapping)

"Is that her?" the man next to the unmarked van asked as he pointed out the young woman walking some dogs at the park. He pointed to a solid girl, but in all the right ways, with generous curves and an ample bosom. The woman next to him nodded.

"That's her, but don't traumatize the dogs. Wait until she drops them back off at the house, then grab her when she's alone," the young woman said. She handed the man a syringe. "Stab her with that, it's dosed for her weight, so she should drop fast. While you take care of her, I'll make sure everyone is there and ready for your return. It'll be a night she'll never forget. We'll make sure of that." The man leaned down and the couple kissed each other excitedly. The woman moaned hungrily when he cupped her cunt through the jean shorts. She almost wanted to fuck him right there, but they both sadly had work to do. They separated and the observation continued, unknown to Angela.

While she was being watched, Angela flicked through her phone. She was happy to be out on a beautiful day with the dogs, but right now they were playing with others and that was leaving her bored. Her eyes darted around as she look for any messages from her Daddy. He was busy and there was no response from him. She thought about trying to get attention again on Discord but she was nervous since the last time she almost got exposed. Even that fear just barely held her back, her cravings were so strong. Few understood how addictive it was to post, to have strange men praising your every act, leaving you begging for more. Even though she wasn't remotely Dominant, she got the appeal. The men might be degrading her, but she had power over them as well. She could make them pant by simply posting her breasts with her hands over them or with a couple coy words.

The danger, of course, was that they could do the same. Gentle nudgings, harsh insults, pushing her gently or roughly into exposing herself just a bit more, doing something just a bit more degrading, like peeing herself in public or slapping her breasts. She was shaking just thinking about it. She put her phone down and resolved to focus on the dogs. She had to behave. Maybe later, after they had been dropped off, she could have some fun. Would have some fun. She felt almost insane because of the tingling in the back of her mind begging her to take a quick photo for the men on Discord. Maybe sneak into the bathroom... No. She was going to be good, if only barely.

The rest of the time at the dog park went by quickly. She chased the dogs about some, bought them some treats, and played fetch with them until they were panting like crazy. They ran themselves tired chasing the other dogs and by the time she brought them back home, they were tuckered out. They were much easier to handle until their owners got back, which was always a bonus. She was young but no one could keep up with hyper dogs for long without tiring themselves out. Almost exhausted herself when their owners came back, Angela headed toward her car. Focused on getting home, she didn't notice the van behind her slowing down. She did briefly hear the door opening and turned, only for the sharp jab of a needle and a burning pain to interrupt her scream. A masked man threw her painfully into the van and he hopped in after her as the van drove off. She started to scream when he covered her mouth and started counting. Why was he counting, she thought. By the time "six" was said, she heard nothing as black swallowed her whole.

"Drag her in here..."

"Be careful..."

"I know the bed is small, it's supposed to be..."

"Strip her, then put this on..."

"Relax, you'll have all the fun you want..."

Voices were the first thing Angela noticed. Still sluggish, trapped in the black as she tried to move, to even open her eyes. Every movement was a struggle. Their words made no sense and it sounded like multiple people. And why couldn't she move? No, she could move, just not much. And still the black.

"Oh, the little one is waking up from nappy time," a woman said. She still couldn't see anything but it felt like her eyes were open. She blinked and slowly realized that something was covering her eyes. Angela felt a warm hand rub her belly in soft, slow circles.

"I bet you're so confused now little girl," the woman continued. "Where am I, what's going on, etc, all that boring stuff. Well, suffice to say, we're here to make your wildest dreams come true!" the woman said. As if on cue, one or more people grabbed her head. Angela screamed, but only for a second, as her head jerked when someone hit her. She shuddered in pain but a primal part of her also awakened without her consent. Another punch made sure Angela was quiet, though it was much softer than the first. Her heart raced as her head was gripped and something was forced into her mouth, a pill, before she was made to drink down a bottle of something that burned like vodka. She wasn't sure. Then, more soft rubbing of her belly as she was released while the pain from the punches started to reach her foggy mind.

"Sorry, but we need to make sure that everything today will be hazy," the unknown woman said. "Can't have you getting us in trouble. That fun is only reserved for you." More gentle caressing of her belly made Angela squirm a bit when she heard the woman sniff or inhale. "Ahhh, nothing smells better than a needy cunt. Blindfolded, drugged, punched, and you're already wet. God, you're beautiful, Angela."

As the woman told her that, she felt a hot breath over her pussy. Some clothing at least covered her it seemed, but it was clearly thin as the woman kissed her nether lips through the fabric. Then Angela's legs were unhooked and spread as her ass was lifted up. She almost felt like she was being folded in half. She barely had time to mutter "what" when something cold was placed on her sphincter before something hard and completely unyielding was pushed in.

"Ahhh...," Angela screamed as something, some liquid, slid into her bowels. It burned and she thrashed as what seemed like multiple people held her still and someone covered her mouth. As the burning continued, the fabric over her pussy was pulled aside and soft lips kissed her there, slowly, gently. It was a confusing set of sensations and she bucked and trembled under the conflicting torture. Suddenly, the bottle, or whatever it was, in her ass was pulled out and something else, painfully wide but short was inserted. The arms holding her legs relaxed and she felt herself strapped down again even as the soft mouth on her mound pulled away. Angela's breath ran ragged as she felt the liquid still in her, unable to escape.

"Mmm, you taste so delicious, little girl. Trying to pretend you aren't soaked? Because we both can smell you're a liar. You're positively drenched and we haven't even started. Leave her for a few minutes everyone, hit the bathroom if you need to, then the party starts!" the woman yelled to multiple cheers, all of which seemed to come from men. Angela didn't know where she was, but she knew things were about to get worse. They knew who she was. They knew where she lived. This wasn't play like before. This was serious. Her breathing raced to catch up with her heart as she struggled with her bonds. She tried to think but everything was so fuzzy. She felt drunk, confused, warm, but most of all terrified. She'd read too many stories to know things like this never had a happy ending. She cried softly, her thoughts more discordant and scattered between her anxiety, the alcohol, and whatever pill they had made her swallow. She closed her eyes and waited for whatever was about to happen to begin.

She wasn't sure if she had started to doze or dissociate or what, but she didn't notice them returning. The first thing she was aware of was the thick blindfold being removed and being blinded by the lights over her. Her breathing ramped up again, her chest pounding, as her vision focused on the multiple people around her in what looked to be a little girl's room. Angela blinked her eyes confusingly as something soft was put in her mouth. She instinctively took it, only realizing after a moment it was a pacifier. Someone else pushed a wonderfully soft teddy bear between her upper arm and side and she clung to it, scared. She realized slowly that she was dressed in a cute pink outfit. A little girl's outfit, modified for things not intended for little girls. The top was cut too short and barely covered her chest. Her waist was barely covered by what was once the bottom of a dress, all but exposing her and the little girl's frilly panties that she wore. She looked up at over a dozen people in the room with her. Them, and her on a little girl's bed, tied to the four posts.

Someone stroked her hair, almost gently and lovingly, as the strange blonde woman, not much older than her really, came up to her face and kissed her forehead. "Don't worry Angela. Deep down we know you're just a scared little girl. And deep down, you're a broken little girl. A bad little girl who wants bad things done to her. And he'll help," she said as a large white man crawled over her body. He made sure to drag his skin against hers and she moaned softly despite the fear. He outweighed her easily and smelled of sweat and manual labor. She didn't even think as she sucked on her pacifier as her arms and legs were unhooked from the posts, the cuffs still on her wrists and ankles. He grabbed her leg, then kissed her face, stroking it.

"Little one, this is going to hurt some and I'm sorry. But you know you like being hurt and we all want to hear you scream," was all he said. And then he was on her, biting her neck as Angela held the teddy bear ever tighter as her legs were spread and he wasted no time slamming his cock to the hilt in his first thrust. She gasped and the paci tumbled from her mouth only to be replaced by his tongue as he kissed her. His hands gripped her wrists painfully as he slammed into her pussy again and again.

"Take it you little cunt, you little rape whore, fucking soaked for Daddy aren't you? Say it!" he screamed as his sweat dripped down on her and the small bed rattled under them.

"I... I'm soaked for Daddy," Angela whispered before she was slapped hard.

"Say it, you dirty little girl, holding your teddy bear as your little cunt is raped and you're soaked, say it!" he said before pulling back and punching her in the eye. Angela screamed and cried as he folded her under him, her legs pushed back until her knees were by her head. "Say it!"

"I'm soaked for Daddy, I'm fucking soaked for Daddy!" she yelled as his weight pressed down on her. He spat in her face and someone took her hand and pushed her thumb into her mouth. And then, almost instinctively, she sucked on it as the stranger painfully thrust his cock into her.

"That's a good Daddy's toy. That's all you really are. Deep down, all you want to do is spread for Daddies. Isn't it, you dirty little thing?" he asked before spitting on her. And Angela could only moan, sucking her thumb desperately as she felt that familiar tingle run down her spine. Here, surrounded by strangers, her truth was ready to reveal itself. She closed her eyes trying to fight it, but it was pointless. Her body knew what she was. Her legs wrapped around the man raping her and she screamed around her thumb as she convulsed. That triggered the man above her as she felt his cum fill her unprotected pussy. She cried a bit, softly sucking her thumb, as he finished thrusting before pulling away. Her body slumped, panting, sweating herself now, surrounded by small pink things. Every man made her feel smaller and the cum leaking between her bald labia felt right. She deserved this, deep down she knew she did. A shorter man, but just as built, flipped her over onto her belly.

"Does this remind you of your Daddy?" he asked, cruelly. The plug in her ass was removed and was quickly replaced by his cock, again in a single thrust. Angela screamed into the pillow as she held the teddy bear. Someone pulled her head to the side and put a pacifier in her mouth. It was warm, too big for a pacifier, just another stranger's cock but she didn't care. Crying as the man raped her ass, she took solace in the cock in her mouth, silently counting up to three, as the two men used her. One let her do all the work while the other made her scream with every thrust. After what felt like far too long a time, the man shoved deep and filled her bowels. As soon as she finished the man in her mouth, she took her anal rapist's cock in her mouth. It tasted of vodka, shit, and pain, though thankfully it wasn't really dirty. Mostly in her mind, she hoped. She was so warm as she was rolled over again, sitting up. A giant stuffed bear was in front of her and she was positioned over it as cameras flashed.

"You know what to do, little one. Grind your cum filled holes on him," the woman said. Angela couldn't focus enough to see her but her body was on fire. She hurt, spit was drying on her face, and her eye was swollen. But her skin felt electric and the giant teddy bear was so soft against her skin and despite the crowd, she slid against it, grinding her pussy on it. Cum leaking from her holes smeared the fabric as she moaned mindlessly. Hands groped her gently as she did that and they felt so good. The lights were dimmed by someone and she almost felt like ghosts were molesting her as she humped the teddy bear. Another pill was pushed into her mouth in the dark and she choked on a bottle forced in her mouth, spilling much but drinking most of it. Angela was flushed, drunk, and confused as she humped harder and harder. She didn't notice the red light recording her every action and even if she had, she wouldn't have cared. Occasionally someone would turn her head and kiss her. Once it was a woman, their hands and multiple others stripping her completely and touching every part of her body

When Angela came, it was too much. She cried from the intensity of the orgasm, shamed as she squirted all over the child's toy under her. The realization that she had cum of her own accord as what felt like dozens had touched her. She shook, naked, as the lights came on. Drunker and more drugged than ever, she still understood there were more people there than before.

"Thank you for that show, Angela. Now, it's our turn again. Get her boys," the unseen woman said. After the slow one-on-one fucks that were painful but singular, this was everything but. It felt like a dozen men were grabbing and pawing at her. The bed was forgotten as she was dragged off of it to the cold concrete below. Fingers, hands, cocks, and even feet were everywhere on her body. If she screamed, someone hit her. If she didn't scream, someone slapped her. She was choked as five guys used her. She was made to mount one man, another bent her over to fuck her ass, and her hands and mouth were filled with cocks as a hand tightened around her throat. Once, twice, three times, she dropped out, more and more confused each time, sobbing, almost hysterical, as her body came violently to the abuse.

Angela was contorted, pissed on, and pissed in. A funnel was shoved in her mouth as cold bitter piss from a bucket was forced down her throat. It was vile but they told her they would make her drink anything she puked up, so somehow she held it down. Her body was warm despite feeling like she was freezing, soaked in piss, and her belly distended by the volume. She felt high, drunk, anxious, horny, warm, cold, full of life, and miserable all at the same time. Multiple men fucked her on the concrete floor as it scratched her back while making her hold the small teddy bear. Everyone called her little, some called her a good girl as they filled her cunt with cum. Her ass was repeatedly used until it was numb and no more tears would leave her face. Someone facefucked her until she got sick and then rubbed her face and hair in it. And so fucking many slapped and hit her.

At some point, it just became a blur and she counted in her head. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. They must have had seconds with her because she counted up to thirty-six and there weren't that many men. She could barely think and every part of her body was in agony and numb at the same time. Someone picked her limp body and dumped her on the bed. Her skin was glazed with cum and piss, and when they parted her legs over the side of the bed, a puddle started forming under her. Nothing mattered anymore, she knew. They would be done with her soon. Stories for cunts like her, even little ones, never ended happily. She couldn't cry anymore, she couldn't feel anymore. When someone turned her head and started kissing her, she let them. She even kissed them back. It hurt when they stopped because as long as she was getting attention, everything would be ok. It was the stopping that she feared.

"Now little one, your turn," was all she heard. Angela's eyes flickered and she was barely able to see out of one of them. The other was swollen and matted with cum. She felt like every inch of her was bruised and abused and when the dirty teddy bear was put into her arms, she squeezed it and had never felt smaller than any other time in her life. She bawled and clung to it while her head was raised and put on someone's lap. She tried to twist and suck their cock but they wouldn't let her, just stroking her hair. Between her almost numb legs, someone started kissing her. First, her bruised thighs then higher up. Angela blushed, ashamed at how much cum must have filled her. The man stroking her hair leaned down, told her she was a good girl and kissed her gently. His lips didn't pull away, and it wasn't a father's love, but he tasted like a Daddy to her confused mind. Her legs were spread wider as a gentle tongue explored both her gaped ass and cunt. She moaned harder, twisting as the man kissed her firmly, almost lovingly. She melted against them, giving up to the sensations, her muscles twitching uncontrollably.

"I think she likes your kissing," a woman said, clearly the person between her legs. The man kissing her smiled and kept at it, his fingers massaging her large tits, gently touching her growing bruises. The woman between her legs grew more enthusiastic, more skilled, cleaning every drop of cum inside her and tasting every fold. Angela held her teddy tighter, kissed the strange man desperately, and screamed as an orgasm tore through her. She whimpered immediately after as she pissed herself, but the man only shushed and praised her and the woman almost seemed to feast on Angela's urine. Afterward, the woman slid up and the three of them made out for hours, just kissing Angela and giving her soft touches. At some point, a pinprick was felt and Angela faded into darkness while feeling safe.

When Angela woke, she was confused. She was in her room. Naked and tucked in her bed. She sat up and looked around, her chest heaving. She still felt hungover and sluggish as she hugged her teddy bear. No. Not her teddy bear. The one she had held as she was repeatedly raped. Without thinking about it, she stood up and started sucking her thumb as she went to the bathroom. Every step hurt but it hadn't been a dream. The mass of purples, blacks, and blues confirmed that. Strangely, every scrape and minor cut was covered with a bandaid. She'd been showered and her clothes were neatly folded beside the tub. They'd returned to her home. They knew where she lived. She started to panic then realized that they had brought her back safely, cleaned her up even. She checked around her room. Nothing was gone nor stolen. Except on her dresser, lay a single USB stick and a card. Her hands shook as she opened and read it...

Dear little Angela,

We so enjoyed your visit with us. That USB contains the sole recording of yesterday's activities. Sorry about the drugs but I think it helped with your mental state anyway. Anytime you need to see your truth, it's laid bare on that USB.

You are absolutely a pleasure and everyone from the club thanks you for being such a good little girl. FYI, you taste delicious. Don't worry, everyone was tested, and if you ever need to feed your darker half, we're always here for you.

Love, Badsammie

Angela sat down holding the letter and laughed while crying a bit. She was so sore as she walked over to the laptop, turned it on, and inserted the thumb drive. The screen flickered to life and she got a toy out, smiling, as she started the video. She moaned in pain, but also joy shortly after, happy as all little girls should be.

Groomed to be good - Revised (M/F, grooming, drugged, masturbation, oral, first, pregnant)

Sammie smiled and waved at her neighbor, David. Her mom was gone again, working multiple shifts, leaving her alone once again. She hated her new home and high school. The city, all of it. She missed her old friends and her old soft bed. But all of that was gone with the move. It wasn’t fair. She had been happy and wanted to finish her last year of school with her friends. Now, she had nothing. That wasn’t true, exactly. She didn’t hate David. He was always nice to her, ruffling her hair, and giving her snacks. He once had even let her have a beer while he was resting in his hammock in the backyard that butted against theirs. She wasn’t a drinker and her face had made him laugh, but she had beamed when he treated her like a woman.

Her mom never treated her like one. She was 18, yet all she did was text and call her constantly to make sure she hadn’t been murdered or something. It was stupid. There was nowhere to go, no kids nearby, no car, and with school out, all she could do was play on her phone or take a short walk. That’s how she had started chatting with David. He had been mowing his yard and waved hi and she had introduced herself to him. He always had a big smile and his eyes were always on her. Normally that would have creeped her out, but here all alone, it made her feel special. The attention was nice. After that, if she saw him outside she would say hi for a bit before heading in.

After a while, he started giving her snacks or fixing her some burgers when she was alone. He even offered to pay her for helping with his yard work and would help her with hers. Mom had seemed standoffish at first, but after having some wine out back one night, they seemed to hit it off. She had his number now in case of emergency as well. She wondered if he had any today and went over. His smile was as big as always. He fixed her some burgers and asked her if she wanted a beer. She did, grimacing as she drank it, which made him laugh even more. He rested his hand on her shoulder, rubbing it softly.

“Sammie, do you want to come inside for a bit and get out of the heat?” David asked. She smiled and happily followed him in. He got two more beers and told her it would be their little secret. He got her some snacks as the young woman sipped the beer before setting it on the coffee table. He sat next to her and turned on some tv, watching her eat, occasionally sipping his beer. She felt his hand leave her shoulder, sliding along her back as Peter Griffin goofed around on the screen. His fingers kneaded her back and it felt strangely good. And his smile, she loved his smile. When Lois erupted in anger, they laughed and he hugged her close. And then, he sent her home, feeling a bit funny but truly happy for the first time there.

It became their secret routine as she spent more and more time with him, outside or in his house. She even sometimes had dinner with him and he always let her have some beer. The couch wasn’t in the living room one day, just his recliner. It was being cleaned he told her, so he sat her on his lap. She felt nervous as she sat there on his warm lap, her stomach twisted in knots. His hand slowly rubbed her belly, slipping under her shirt as they watched tv. She felt funny, a bit dizzy, as he rubbed her back and belly. Then he touched her chest, making her stomach do flips. She said she felt weird but he just had her drink more. Then his hands rubbed along her legs as he told her how beautiful and special she was. So mature for such a young lady. He massaged her thighs, stroking them, his hands sliding up higher. Somehow, her shorts were unzipped and his hand was rubbing her through her panties. She wiggled, resisting, but he kissed her ear and told her to relax. She tried as her body grew warm despite how fuzzy she felt, her breathing erratic, trembling, and then, it was like she was being electrocuted as she convulsed and clung to him. He kissed her then and told her he loved her. She kissed him back clumsily, telling him the same.

After that, the visits sometimes left her fuzzy, sometimes not. David often had clothes for her to try on, bought her things, and told her they had a secret forbidden love. And love him she did. When he asked her to wear the lacy bras and panties and took her pictures, she felt wonderful. His eyes were all on her as they played dress-up. He taught her new ways to wear makeup, to walk in 8-inch platform heels, and they always finished with lap time. He taught her how to kiss like a woman, and later, how to kiss and worship his cock. It felt strange at first, her eyes on him as she worked at it, but he taught her how to move her hands, smiling at him as she stroked his huge cock. He filmed her, a big grin on his face as his cock spurted, her licking it as he told her she was the best girl in the world.

He taught her how to smoke, sometimes taking pictures of her doing that or drinking, then in outfits that didn’t cover anything. He made her cunt tingle (he didn’t let her call it pussy) and even pushed his finger in her ass. He even kissed it, and that she enjoyed but felt weirdly shameful as he pressed his tongue inside her, but then he kissed her cunt and she didn’t care anymore. They would lay naked beside each other, her slender hand going up and down over his hardness as his fingers parted her slim wet fold. He rolled over, asking her if she wanted to truly be a woman. Though 18, he made her feel twice that. She nodded. He got some cool jelly and smeared it against her sex as he slid his fingers inside her. Then he laid her down, kissing her.

“This will hurt some baby girl, but this is so special. Only between us, understand?”

She nodded, grunting as he pushed against her. It felt good and then he slid in and she screamed in sudden pain. He went slow, pushing back and forth, rubbing her clit as he kissed her. It still hurt, but slowly felt better despite the pain. He sped up and then it hurt badly again and this time he didn’t stop until she knew he had spurted. She wiped her tears, under him, looking up at him.

“Do you think I’m pregnant?” she asked him. He laughed and told her no. Then he rubbed her belly.

“Do you want to be?” he asked. She shrugged and just whispered softly that she loved him. He told her to show it then and pulled out. There was blood that scared her, but he told her not to worry as he held her head and guided it down. She cleaned him off, wiping her lips, the look on her eyes desperate for validation. He smiled again, telling her she was so mature. She was truly a woman now, she thought. She was his woman.

When he asked her to disappear one day in the middle of summer, to go away with him, she had nodded. There was a news report about her missing looking for them, but no one noticed the couple in Montana living in a rustic cabin in the country. They both had different hair colors, her hair was short and red, and they kept to themselves. A year later, someone remarked how the young lady seemed to have gained some weight, though they didn’t realize the truth. That the young woman, now 19, was pregnant. Back at their home, she rubbed her growing belly. She hoped it was a girl. That would make David so happy. They were finally starting their family. David came in and she kissed him, wearing only her panties. He smelled of sweat and she knelt down, her pregnant belly on her knees as she eagerly gagged herself on his cock, her drool dripping down her growing breasts and belly. Then he pushed her down on all fours, fucking her from behind as she grunted and pinched her clit. On the TV played a video of a slut ganged by multiple men. As the whore moaned, the young lady spasmed and came on his cock. He spurted in her and she cleaned him up, then lowered her head to lick what she had dripped onto the floor.

He took pictures of her doing that, spreading her folds to show the cum leaking out, to upload later. Then, he sat her on his lap as they finished watching the video, feeling the baby kick a few times. They kissed and touched each other, loving each other, waiting for their next journey to begin. Together.

No one - Revised (M+/f, drunk, drugged, gang rape, groped, violent, kidnap, implied snuff)

No one noticed when she opened the window in her bedroom and crawled out, rebellious, excited to go drinking, be mature, to be a grownup.

No one noticed the 18-year-old sneaking down the streets, approaching midnight, dressed in too much makeup and too short of a dress.

No one noticed or perhaps no one cared when she entered, clearly too young to be at the run-down bar that late at night, a few hours before it would close. No one cared her ID was an obvious forgery.

No one cared as she drank too much, drank too fast, clearly not ready for that amount of alcohol. No one cared when a few men got too grabby with her much too drunk body, taking liberties she was too out of it to notice.

No one cared when some pills were dropped in her beer. No one cared when Eddie, a violent drunk, groped her all but passed out body at the table. No one cared when he walked her to the men's room. No one cared when the first scream came, the first heavy thuds. No one got up to investigate or call for help.

No one cared when Eddie came out, soaked in sweat, zipping his pants, blood on his fist. No one cared when a few men went back to the bathroom themselves. No one called when they found her in the stall, busted nose, bloody split lip, crying, and naked. No one hesitated when they grabbed her, held her down, and took turns raping her ass, cunt, and mouth. No one said anything when one of them punched her in the gut repeatedly when she slapped at them.

No one cared when those men left. No one did anything, as men, in ones or twos went in and out of the bathroom. No one took photographs except as a keepsake, a forbidden image of ruined innocence. No one treated her wounds, no one asked her if she was ok. No one stopped them when they kicked her, shoved her head in the toilet, pissed on her, punched her, or choked her.

No one moved after she pissed herself as one guy choked her as he fucked and raped her limp form. She twitched, pissed, and was rubber. No one breathed for long seconds, until her chest spasmed, weakly gasping for air. No one stopped after that, shoving bottles into her swollen, bloody, and damaged holes.

No one cared. No one said anything after Eddie had another go at her, making her scream once more. No one said anything as he carried her out. No one said anything as the bartender switched the security tape, replacing it with a damaged one that recorded nothing but static. No one had second thoughts about the night, some laughed and joked about that moment, where she had stopped.

No one noticed a man toss a girl against his trunk or shove up in her ass as she weakly whimpered, knocking her out as he came in her, letting her drop to the gravel, pink leaking out of her gaped ass. No one noticed him open the trunk and toss her in, driving away.

Everyone noticed the news in the following weeks, as the image of the girl was flashed on the screen, as signs were put up, searching for her. No one spoke or joked about it, but everyone thought about that night. Everyone noticed Eddie didn’t come around anymore and everyone noticed when cops asked questions, and everyone sighed in relief when they left. No one cared about the story long-term and it was forgotten about just a few weeks later.

After 3 months, no one was ever seen again. Everyone noticed when Eddie returned, as mean as ever. No one noticed that the jokes had returned, at least in certain company. Eventually, another girl walked in, who clearly didn’t belong there.

Everyone noticed, and no one said anything, as the cycle repeated again.

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