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Version 3.4
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She knew who she was

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It wasn't supposed to be like that
The breaking of the Batgirl

Once upon a time (true, cheating, neglect, gangbang, rape, punishment, beta)

Once upon a time, there was a very smart, but very stupid little woman. She was a broken thing, damaged, with no self-control, and was a ball of mental issues and addictions. She craved attention from bad men, men who wanted to touch and do things to her and she wanted it as well. Those men made her feel alive and validated. Accepted for who and what she was. But for girls like that, life is often harsh and brutal. Girls like that may live long lives, but they rarely live happy ones, much less have happy endings.

But, through fate or destiny, this very smart, but very stupid little woman was different. Defying all odds, she found her Prince Charming, who saw what she was and accepted it. Molded her, improved her, and saved her life. Because despite all the bad men who wanted to play with her and break her, the most dangerous thing to her was herself.

He didn't only protect her and teach her, her Prince Charming made her his Princess and gave her the greatest gift of all, two perfect little children. And if the world was fair, if the Princess had not been both very smart and very stupid, perhaps the story could have ended there. But it couldn't because, as always, there was an obstacle threatening everything she loved.


Despite having a beautiful castle, two wonderful children, a magnificent steed, and her perfect Prince, she chaffed. She itched, writhed, and shook as thoughts and compulsions ran through her. Most were harmless and when they got bad, her Prince helped her through them, but again and again, she made bad choices. She didn't ask for help, she didn't talk, she was selfish and would later be punished. She should have learned but the stupid part of her was very, very stupid and she listened to it more and more, endangering everything she had. Her Prince was patient, understanding of her struggles, and did his best, but his Princess could be so very fucking stupid.

And then one day, the very smart but very stupid Princess did something monumentally stupid. She let her brains drip out between her legs and listened to every bad thought than ran out of her soaked hole. The men she was allowed to chat with online were played with and she let them tell her to do nasty things. She did them all, happily, eagerly, lustfully, breaking the rules she had with her Prince. She played with the men for over two hours, degrading and delighting in their use of her as she came and came again in her bedroom. She was a wanton slut and for that time, nothing else mattered.

Not even her children.

As the Princess entertained the men, strangers she had never met, she touched herself and orgasmed, again and again, cunt brained and needy as her kids played alone in the living room. They were fine. No harm came to them. But that wasn't what was important. That wasn't what mattered. Indeed, outside of the Prince, they were the only things that should have mattered. The Princess knew she had seriously fucked up. She was terrified as she called her Prince and awaited him. She had everything a Princess could want and she kept trying to throw everything away.

When he got home, she saw something in her Prince she had never seen. Fury. He hurt her but it was nothing compared to what she felt inside and it was almost a relief as he beat her. Because him doing nothing would have been the worst for her. Afterward, he eventually cleaned her up. But he wasn’t disappointed in her. Her Prince was angry. About everything, but mostly the kids. Her most precious gift to him and her most special duty and she had abandoned it, however briefly. For days, he didn’t punish the Princess because he didn’t trust himself and he wouldn’t abandon his duty in anger as she had in lust.

When the weekend came, the Prince had an idea. The Princess had been made pretty by her punishment, wearing blacks and blues on her body. And though pretty, those marks kept her inside, away from the public. But the Prince had planned on taking their wonderful children out for the day as the weather was perfect. So, since his wife had betrayed his trust, he took a friend of theirs both, the Maiden. The Maiden was happy to help and knew she was there as much for the children as to punish the Princess. The Maiden openly kissed the Prince and they both spoke of the fun they would have with the kids at the park. The Princess could only watch as they left her alone in the castle to stew in her own thoughts and suffer the consequences of her failure.

Later, the Ebony knight stopped by their castle. The Princess let the Knight in and they chatted. She had been shared on multiple occasions with the Knight, but only with permission from her Prince. She was happy to have his company and the conversation but was startled when the Ebony Knight kissed her. She told him no, but he was much larger and stronger than her and her body still ached from her punishment. The Princess screamed as she was bent over a table, held against her will, as the Ebony Knight thrust his sword into her. She was shamed by her wetness but she wanted to be good and struggled until she was exhausted and laid there limply as she was used. Tears ran down the Princess’s face, and another failure racked up as the Ebony Knight spilled his seed inside her. He pulled her up, holding her as she was limp against him. He then told her the truth.

She could now be freely used by him, whenever he wanted. Just like with Bodyguard. And just like with the Bodyguard, she had been told only after they had taken the first taste of their new freedom. She was muted but nodded at her new reality. As cum dripped out her cunt, the Princess dressed as the Ebody Knight informed her of the rest of her day. She was to be escorted to the Bodyguard’s house, to celebrate the day with him and their friends. She was brought there and quickly stripped. She wasn’t treated as a Princess, for why should she? She had all but thrown that away. So instead, they treated her as what she wanted to be. A cunt, nothing more, and they fed her addictions.

Throughout the rest of the day, for the next ten hours, they feasted upon her and let her feast upon them. They gave the Princess every manner of drink and drug they had, drowned her in their piss and cum, fucking every part of her body and holes. Alcohol ran down her chest, filled her ass, candy was snorted through her nose, and strange pills were taken eagerly. Part of her never wanted it to stop. She got that day everything she could have wanted. Almost everything. By the end of the night, she was barely conscious, could barely think, so drugged she couldn’t walk without help. Every need of hers had been fed as the Bodyguard returned her to her Castle.

Escorted inside, she was brought before the Prince. He was naked, as was the Maiden. And she was to perform for them, now the Jester, the Fool. Baxter the four-legged was brought in, and as her Prince and the Maiden kissed and touched one another, she performed with Baxter, watched in the beginning, then ignored. As the Princess, now the Jester, the Joke, wiped her mouth, she listened to what she really wanted, truly needed, moan as he and the Maiden pleasured one another. She heard the snoring on the monitor of the children who had spent the entire day away from her. As she was banished to the servants' quarters, she slowly understood through her drunken mind, the point of the day. She could have all the drugs, all the sex and use she could want. Or she could have her Prince and her children. What she craved or what was truly important. She passed out drunk, smelling of dog, with those thoughts in her mind.

The next day, warnings were given. She could be stupid and throw everything away or she could embrace the life and love she had been given. She would be punished more. But the choice, perhaps the final choice, was hers. She looked down at the Royal Proclamation he had written. Ten rules for a very smart, but incredibly stupid Princess.

The first would be easy at the start. For the next month, the Princess would not be allowed to touch herself nor bring herself to orgasm. Indeed, the only way she would be touched was to use her mouth or her ass. Her cunt was denied to everyone, most of all to herself.

The second rule decreed that the Princess would only sleep in the servants' quarters. For the next month, she could not sleep in the Prince’s bed. More so, the Princess would sleep in a bed fit for animals.

Thirdly, befitting her new station and bedding, she was to serve Baxter at night if he wanted, in a manner that fit the time available to them.

The fourth condition said, at any time, the Bodyguard or the Ebony Knight could use the Princess in any manner they saw fit, save one. Her cunt was to be untouched.

The fifth stripped the Princess of her title and name. Any time the kids were absent or sleeping, the Princess would only be known as “it” or “cunt”. It deserved no other name.

The sixth point hurt it. Until it was healed and could be seen properly in public, the Maiden would take its place and role. It would not be bruised to extend the time before it could be in public, but its Prince would use the Maiden in every way it was used until then. Behind closed doors, he would remain using the Maiden or whatever women he wanted as well if the opportunity arose, to remind the cunt that anyone could be replaced.

The seventh condition melded with the sixth. Any time the Prince had sex, it was to be present for it. Not to participate or even watch. It would instead face the corner and listen to what was denied it. After they were done, it would clean the Prince’s cock and the Maiden’s pussy. And if the Maiden needed a urinal, it would serve as one for her as well.

Eighth, it was to be denied its Princess adornments. It would be dressed as a peasant or a common slave. Nothing more, plain, with no jewelry.

Ninth, it would accept that it was a selfish and incredibly stupid cunt of a woman. That it fully deserved its punishments for breaking multiple rules, greatest among them putting itself and its cunt ahead of its own children. It would be happy that it had a forgiving owner and Prince who would allow it to return once its punishment was over, only on the condition that it worked to make itself better, not for itself, but for its family.

Lastly, it would play no more with those in the kingdom. The population knew they are not to play with it, even if it begged them to. They should only call it a “Stupid cunt” and tell it to call on its owner. It should be referred to the population only as cunt or it.

Saddened, mostly with itself, it accepted its fate, and it hoped one day it would be good enough to be a Princess again and maybe, just maybe, one day be worthy of a happy ending.

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