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Version 3.4
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She knew who she was

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It wasn't supposed to be like that
The breaking of the Batgirl

The sweet release of freedom

(true, chastity, threesome, creampie, oral, foursome, rough, belted, impact play, choking, fisted)

It's almost indescribable the freedom you feel when being released from chastity. For a month my cunt was denied me, always in my belt, except when Jack showered me. Only he could touch my cunt then, only he could clean it. I wasn't trusted, he held the key, the control of my wet hole, both removing its control over me yet making it the only thing I could think about. I couldn't touch my body, yet I caught myself grinding on the couch, anything, in a useless attempt to scratch an itch less than an inch away. Yet, it might as well have been miles.

I still had purpose and uses. I was still a urinal, my belly warmed by his piss. His friends still used me, Baxter used me, even he did once. Anal every time. Rough often, until tears ran down my face and bowel movements made me cry. Even orgasmed a couple times from it, rare anal orgasms, the only two times I came during the month. Down from basically daily to nothing. I caught covid, making the month slightly more bearable and much, much worse. The final weeks dragged by with no energy, hidden from my family most of the time. Masked the rest. Sometimes the horniness was unbearable, but still, I couldn't touch myself. I couldn't cum. Heather did. Jack fucked her several times, her cunt was warm for him, while mine drooled uselessly. I didn't even get to watch, he was often at her place, and even at home I still faced the wall until it was time to clean them up. The only way to taste his cum was to taste her juices mixed with them.

So Friday night came and I didn't know what was planned. He came home. With Heather. She ate with us while I sat, still locked up. The kids liked the extra company and while I played with them, I was jealous, as she was there for Jack. One last bit of fun before my punishment ended. The kids were put to bed and I half expected to do a show to help them warm up, but no. They started without me while I put the kids away. Stripping down to only my belt, I went into the bedroom and faced the wall. There, I was told to watch them. I was even told I could touch myself, everything but my cunt, still trapped behind stainless steel. I fingered my ass and pulled my nipples, debasing myself as they made out, slow fucked, kissing. Eventually, Jack pressed deep, filling her. I cleaned him up, then her. My head was pressed down and I ate her pussy until it was clean, then as she wrapped her legs tight, I kept at it, licking and rubbing her clit until she shuddered as well.

My work done, I expected to be kicked to the guest bedroom. But Jack kissed me, softly, gently. Heather's hands ran over my body. Exploring me as Jack got the key, freeing me. I cried as they both touched me, it felt so good. I felt I had value again. I kissed him deeply as they pulled me up on the bed, parting my legs. Jack didn't fuck me but Heather returned the favor. As Jack and I made out, her tongue deftly explored my cunt and quite easily brought out an overwhelming orgasm from me in minutes. I wanted to go again, but instead, we slept under the sheets, a messy naked throuple for the moment. At some point, early in the morning, she headed out. Leaving me and Jack to sleep together until the morning. Until it was time for Saturday to start in earnest.

The kids were picked up fairly early, hugged and kissed as Pam took them off. Beyond my morning ritual of being Jack's urinal, nothing else happened. I wasn't allowed to touch myself, but I was allowed to be nude, collared, not a cute one, but the heavy steel one with my name on it. Cunt. Heels again, the first time in a month, they hurt my feet but I felt pretty. Hair made-up, makeup, I felt real again. Not pretending to be something I wasn't. The beautiful blonde cunt staring back at me was my truth. Last but not least, my plug was in me. I cleaned the house that way, feeling more alive than at any point in the past month. I knew company was coming. Around 10 AM, Jack took me downstairs. Padded leather cuffs graced my wrists and ankles. Arms cuffed tight behind my back. A spreader bar between my legs. A dildo gag in my mouth left me drooling, smearing my fresh lipstick. My plug was discarded as I knelt on a soft cushioned pad near the drain on the floor. Plastic covered it in case, no, when I made a mess. I smiled when Jack hit me, once, then twice. I wanted to kiss him so bad. Then toys were inserted as I bent over for him. First, a vibrating anal plug. Then my cunt got the Lovesense Lush vibrator. My wrists and ankles were connected, arched backward. It didn't hurt. At first.

My first orgasm made my back scream. Since covid, my endurance had been shit, and I felt tired after that one. For the next hour or so, he'd randomly send thrills through my body. The next hour, he strapped my Hitachi knockoff against me and left me there. I came like crazy, pissed myself, and cried. I was limp from exhaustion and overwhelmed before Tony and Kevin got there at noon. I was freed, briefly washed off from where I had peed myself. But otherwise, they started on me immediately. Taking turns, pushing me around, choking me, gagfucking me, groping, slapping, and punching me. I was in heaven but I already felt dead. An empty, exhausted shell.

And still, I came. I came when Tony fucked me like a dog on the floor, hitting my back and head. When Jack folded me up and made me feel little all over again. When Kevin slammed me again and again against the wall as he reamed my aching cunt. After a month of no attention, I was numb from an overabundance of it. I couldn't take anymore. I was so very wrong.

Cum filled as my cunt was, they still had pep, energy to spare. Lube dumped on their hands and in my cunt, fingers worked in, my cunt went from a month of being ignored to fisted again. Gently, at first, Jack worked me, stretching me out. It hurt a bit, but I've long since been trained and 30 days of disuse wasn't enough to hide what my hole could do. Once warmed up, he got started. One hand on my throat, blood choking as he pumped his hand in me. I shuddered again as I dropped out. I think he did it multiple times, he and Tony both. I'm not sure, I just know I was very confused, couldn't think, one second Jack was pumping inside me, and the next Tony was spitting on my face as he wrecked my cunt. Kevin finished me off, slam fisting me so much I sobbed from the pain of my cervix getting "kissed" so many times. And yet, I still came. Gaped, limp on my side, they took a break.

And as they took a break, smoking cigars and having a beer, letting me wash down ashes with their piss, the belt was brought out. I thought they were going to beat me with it. My body ached to feel it. Even my hands and feet would have craved the touch of it. But they didn't. Jack removed my vertical hood and I understood then what was going to happen.

I screamed. I screamed so fucking hard because my cunt could still feel. I tried to count, but around 50 I faltered. I could barely breathe. They took turns slapping my cunt with leather again and again. Swollen, puffy, red, raw, they only stopped when I was bleeding. Nothing serious, just belted raw until the skin was wet with red from a dozen or more tiny spots of red smeared over my skin. I curled up, holding my sex. I wanted to call red and stop it all. I couldn't take any more.

Jack spread me, kissed me, and I let him have me. It hurt and he wasn't gentle except for his kisses. He fucked me again as hard as he could on the floor. Finished inside me, slapped me, and left. Tony choked me hard throughout, air-choked, never fully out but always needing a breath. Even when he let go I couldn't get enough. I don't even remember him finishing. Just suddenly, Kevin was there, crushing me under him. I held him tight and shuddered and then I was out of it. They played and used me more, but I just took it. I didn't participate. I had no energy at all. Jack showered me and put me in bed and other than waking twice, I slept from about 5 pm until 11 am the next day. Even then, I was wiped.

I remember Jack fucking me at some point that night, slow, needing to fill me with his love. And sometime that morning I was pulled over and drank his piss. Then only him waking me at 11 did I finally get out of bed. It hurt to walk and my crotch was swollen. I had small squares on me, taped on, with antibiotics. Jack has taken care of me at some point and I didn't even remember it. Sunday was a slow day, tired, he watched the kids while I dozed. Took a long bath before bed. Then, he spread me again, slowly kissing me, as we made proper love. I fell asleep in his arms. Given purpose and back where I belonged.

To be a needy bitch

I was chatting on Discord as kids started to nap. Playful, I teased my audience and put up a poll for what I should do during lunch. No one wanted me to simply cum, no Hitachi knockoff time for me. Instead, side by side, a close race between edging and my friend. Baxter won.

I parted my legs, barely needing to snap my fingers. He was so attentive, my friend, my lover, as he happily went between my thighs. He could smell my needy cunt and see it glistening and wet. I closed my eyes and leaned back my head, as his warm and wide tongue lapped at me, again and again. His excitement was palpable, as were my moans. I parted even wider, eager for his work, as he tongued me rapidly. He does things with his tongue that no other does and I reached down and played with my clit, shaking already. I parted my lips as well as it was like his tongue could explore almost every inch of me, lapping my taint and the full length of my sex. He was clumsy and excited, but skill mattered little with a tongue like that. If I had the time, I'd be on the floor. I wanted to be a bitch again. Instead, I thumbed my clit faster and faster as he nosed into my cunt. I laughed, shaking more and more, focusing on myself for a minute, just to push me over the edge. I shuddered and came. Then, legs wide again, he cleaned me up and I kissed him on the head. But that wasn't enough. I knew later tonight I'd ask to be a bitch and Jack would let me.

Later, Jack came home as dinner was grilling on the deck. I turned the brats and pulled him quickly into the bathroom, kissing him and sliding down. His cock was soft and warm in my mouth as he peed in his urinal and I slowly swallowed it down. When he was done, he slapped me, not hard, just a pleasant sting. I ran back out as he took a quick shower and then we all ate. The kids made a mess as always, but after, as I was cleaning up, Jack walked toward me and hugged me tightly. I told him I loved him, and the mood I was in. He turned to me, smiled, and slapped me hard this time. Then he straightened me up, looked about, and as the coast was clear, hit me in my gut. I looked up at him with a demented grin, having received my answer, and I kissed him. Then we watched TV and herded the kids, giving them baths and putting them to bed.

Heading downstairs, excited for play, I frowned for a second. Jack came down alone, with no friend. He called me a dirty cunt, hit my gut again, and jerked me about by my hair. Once, twice, I struggled to breathe as his fist kissed my belly. He shoved me into the wall, hard and unyielding on my back. His cock was hard. He wanted to go first as was his right. I started to smile but he slapped me hard, almost knocking me over, and then he gripped my hair and drove his cock in my throat. He was merciless as I drooled and gagged, bubbles in my nose as it ran and I tried to breathe through it. Then he held my nose, pinching it and thrusting harder. An errant kick hit my gut and I groaned, wild, as I tried to masturbate, but he slapped me and told me no. He came down my throat and then smeared the rest on my face as he called me a sad, desperate, Baxter fucker. And I was. He went upstairs and let Baxter join the fun. He licked my face as I asked to get in the position.

"No," he said. "Service him. Like the farm first, then his cock."

I nodded, my cunt was soaked, and I wanted to touch myself and I couldn't. I crawled behind my other lover and held him, as I started licking his ass. He was uncertain about that, but most guys were, at least at first. I reached under and pinched his cock, gently, as I licked his ass. I was lower than a bitch as even they don't do this, lower than anything. His cock grew and I started stroking the shaft and the engorged tip. I heard the word "suck" and I did, lowering my head, tilting it up, sucking it, my lips coated in his precum. Then, and only then, am I allowed to be mounted like the rutting bitch that I am, barely human, an insult to humans to call me that. I watched Jack as he stroked and watched another male mount me. Baxter was always eager, thrusting, saying nothing even as he found purchase and easily slipped into my whore cunt. It felt so good, his precum soaking my insides. I rubbed my cunt and Jack didn't stop me as his friend hammered in my hole. I loved them both, but I couldn't articulate that, I was lost in need, wanton, and broken as I was fucked for their amusement and use. I felt the swelling enter me and rubbed my pierced hood, as the rush of love filled me but didn't leak, not yet. I shuddered again, my breath hitching.

Jack mocked me as we're bonded, called me needy, desperate, just a stupid fucking cunt that needed any cock in her. I edged, still stuck, watching him watch me. Five, maybe ten minutes later of his stinging words and we separated, a gush of cum splattering the cold basement floor. Baxter cleaned up his mess on the floor, then me, making me moan again, a bitch in heat. Jack and Baxter left as I was told not to move. I don't, but my cunt was on fire, I wanted to be touching it, rubbing it. I could barely control myself but then I heard his steps coming down the stairs. I was told to look ahead and I did, unable to see what he was doing. I didn't know until I felt the belt and I screamed and moaned. He didn't hit me once or even ten times. I counted for him, through ten, through twenty, through thirty. Around fifty, my words made no sense, but I still grunted them between my sobbing. My ass, my back, my cunt, my thighs, all of them are kissed again and again. I was basically in a ball, covering myself up by the end.

Then I'm forced on all fours again, everything just hurts, as he spread my ass. He didn't want Baxter's sloppy seconds so he took out my plug and fucked my ass. He doesn't lube me, I didn't deserve lube, as he forced me prone and pressed my head against the floor. I couldn't fuck against him, I could barely move, as he used my ass to masturbate. He slapped my cheek, hit my sides, jerked my head back by my hair, and I'm lost and it was wonderful. As he got close, he sped up, hitting me more, then shuddered and my guts accepted his cum as he pulled out. I felt the cum he shook off his cock splatter on me, but I'm too exhausted to move. Almost every inch of skin on my back and ass was on fire. He stepped on my face and I kissed his foot, then he pulled me up and carried me up the steps. In the bathroom, he drew a bath, washed me, and kissed me. When he needed to use the bathroom I was his urinal again as we bonded, swallowing his warmth. Then, he took me to the bed, held and loved, right where I belong.

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