Changes to my punishment

So, many changes and stuff last night... 

1. Heather came over for the night, cooked dinner for her and everyone. 

2. Jack modified/reduced my punishment. 

3. No longer required to be it/cunt whenever the children are around. 

4. I'm still in the chastity belt, still mostly anal only until the punishment period is over. However, at his choosing, Jack may unlock my belt and allow me to have direct stimulation if I behave. 

5. I can sleep in our bed again, IF I'm being good. He reserves the right to send me to the guest bedroom. I still have to serve Baxter if he wants attention and it's appropriate timing. 

6. Tony/Kevin still have free access and it is oral/anal only unless Jack is present and decides otherwise. 

7. Heather is still an option for Jack, tho no visits away from our home. I will always be present and involved in some manner until punishment is over, though my involvement will always be as secondary until that time. 

8. I still can't "clean" up. No fixing my hair properly, no heels, no plug. Tshirts and sweats unless some external event requires me to be on my best appearance. 

9. Last night, after making sure both Jack and Heather were hard and wet (respectively) with my mouth, I watched them fuck and then cleaned them after and slept on the floor beside the bed. I let out Baxter later that night and bonded with him afterward. 

10. Tomorrow I go to get the first of my laser hair removal treatments in my bikini area at the urging and suggestions of many. Hopefully this will keep me bare and smoother longer than ever!

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